Dynamic Simulation   -   Fluid/ Particle/ Cloth    -   Scripting   -   Matchmoving    -   CG & Practical lighting

    Texturing   -   Compositing   -   Green screen   -   Modeling  -   Animation  -   Rigging   -   Rotoscoping

    Houdini    -   Maya   -   Renderman   -   3DS Max    -   Matchmover   -   Pftrack

    Realflow   -   Nuke   -   After Effects  -   Photoshop  -   Shotgun

Jesse Nicodemus has been working as a staff effects artist at Luma Pictures for the past 2 years. At Luma Pictures, Jesse has worked on feature films including Avengers, Oz the Great and Powerful and Iron Man 3. Jesse was one of the primary effects artists on the twister sequence in Oz the Great and Powerful, and helped develop FumeFX for Maya, which was used to create the effect.

Jesse has also developed a new Realflow pipeline and tool set for Luma to automate and simplify complex or tedious tasks in Realflow. Beyond simulation, he has worked on lighting and compositing. Jesse is continuing to develop his technical skills by expanding beyond Python and Mel into C++.

Jesse has a BFA in animation and effects from the Academy of Art University.